How To Be Successful (At Anything)

Is there something you want in your life? Maybe a new job, a little romance or a dream-come-true?

Discover a simple strategy that can conquer your limited primitive brain and lead you to your perfect path (and you don’t even need to try harder).

Listen to this 4-minute podcast (or read below) to learn one of the best strategies I’ve found to move forward in life and find success.

It starts with asking one simple question: “How can I be better than I was yesterday?”

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I think at some point, we all compare ourselves to someone else.

Sometimes, that’s motivating like, “Chris looks great. I think I’ll start exercising too.”. Or inspirational like, “One day I’ll be a great doctor like she is.”

But when we use other people as benchmarks for what we think we should be, we just feel bad, right?

So why do we compare?

Survival of the Fittest

Well, we can thank our ancestors for that. That’s because in primitive times, comparing ourselves to others in the clan helped us survive so it got hardwired into our brains. The thinking went something like this…“If I’m doing better than everyone else, then I’ll live to I’ll pass on my genes.”

Trouble is, we don’t need to do that anymore, but since comparing is programmed into our brains, it’s hard to shut it off. Unless you have a strategy.


Photo used under Creative Commons from Rachel Caiano

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