Are You Waiting for Something Better?

Do you have goals for your future? Maybe a better job? A healthier body? A new relationship? That’s great. But what do you do in the meantime—especially if you don’t like where you are right now?

Listen to this 2-minute podcast or read the article below, and I’ll share a few thoughts on:

  • How to be patient when you’re creating new possibilities in your life
  • How to overcome hidden battles that can hold you back
  • How to enhance your wellbeing on the path to your best future


I Want to Be Over There

We hear so much about setting goals or intentions for the future. And that’s a really good thing.

But what sometimes gets lost–with all this talk about tomorrow–is where you are today, especially if you don’t want to be there.

Maybe you’d like a better job or a healthier body or a new relationship. And where you are right now might not feel so great.

The key to moving forward is this: Accept where you are. Don’t fight it. That’s because it’s the place you begin.

Where Are You?

Think of it this way. If I called you and said, “How do I get to your house?” What’s the first question you’d ask me? Probably, “Well, where are you now?”  That’s where your journey begins. Where you are now.

Play Nice

So how do we fight with where we are?

That’s when we say things like, “I don’t want to feel this way.” Or  “It’s not fair that I don’t have what I want,” or “I hate being here.”

As my NY mother says, “It is what it is.” And there’s a lot of wisdom in that. You are where you are.

Don’t battle with yourself. Then you’ll just feel bad or guilty on top of everything else.

Instead try this, “This is how I feel or this is the way it is. I may not like it, but I can accept it, and I know that I won’t feel this way forever.”

Ask yourself, “How can I start where I am with whatever is going on in my life today?”

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xo Darlene

Photo used under Creative Commons from Kevin Dooley

Soundcloud photo used under Creative Commons from Andrew D Hurley

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