Professional Bio

When you learn, teach… – Maya Angelou

Darlene Mininni PhD, MPH is a health psychologist and author of The Emotional Toolkit. She is also the creator of the UCLA undergraduate wellbeing course LifeSkills.

Her work focuses on teaching research-based strategies that answer the question: “How can I thrive in my life?” Dr. Mininni lectures and designs interventions that highlight 3 key areas: resilience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness training.

With an interest in media’s power to inspire and enlighten, Dr. Mininni founded and was artistic director of UCLA’s Kaleidoscope Theatre, a performance troupe using storytelling to positively impact wellbeing. She also hosted The Emotional Toolkit Series on XM radio and The Dr. Darlene Mininni Show for Clear Channel in Los Angeles and was a contributor to Dr. Drew’s TV show Lifechangers.

As a speaker, Darlene’s clients have ranged from The Juilliard School to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and her work has been featured on media outlets such as: CNN, PBS, NPR, Prevention and Huffington Post. She is also an Advisory Board member for Girlmentum Media, a media company dedicated to girls’ mind-body wellness.

Dr. Mininni is currently on staff at UCLA where she supports a campus-wide culture of success and wellbeing using learning and development strategies.